Thursday, August 21, 2008

Its Sue and Carol Day

These are 4 of the quilts sent in by Sue S and Carol S and there WHOLE group. They sound like they have this quilt making thing down to a science!

Carol cut out the flannels as kits and one of the ladies from the guild pieced them together. Carol sent backing flannel and binding strips. Sue S volunteered to quilt 8 of these tops and provided the batting. She had her guild ladies do the binding and ta da..............

So let me show you these beauties! And they are flannel. I have to tell you I was VERY tempted to lay down with one a snuggle, maybe even take a nap! They even came with really cool pillowcases ad labels!!
Don't know if you noticed but we have reached 100 quilts as of yesterday. I didn't think it was unattainable - I just didn't think it would happen so fast! This is AWESOME!
Hope you all have a quilty day.... and come back again - I have more pictures in my camera ...


Mary Johnson said...

I did notice that you'd reached the 100 mark and August isn't over yet - I think that 400 mark might just be in reach.

Congratulations and I mailed a couple finished quilts to you the other day that should arrive soon. One of them was pieced by Barbara in FL and I pieced the other and quilted them both.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I love how they all look differenty because of the fabric selection. Bonnie at has a great TATW pattern on her site - I've used it before and really enjoyed it!