Tuesday, August 19, 2008

LCC Day at the Fair

A little bit ago the Larimer Co Fair and the Weld Co Fair were going on. My Moms groups got invited to do a demonstration of Quilts of Valor at the Larimer Co Fair... so we did! We set up for 4 hours in the quilt/cooking building and set up our sewing machines. We had a cutting board, a few quilts, some flyers that I made, and a few quilt patterns to convince people to help. There were a lot of folks interested. Sherry made this poster board explaining QOV and had a sample of qome quilt blocks . That is me in the White Tank top.


One of the ladies - Anne - Made this Americana Quilt. It is really neat - each square has something different in it that reminds her of America.


This Brown and Green Quilt is full of Horses. The center squares are all horses. This one is made by Willa. This was her second quilt.. EVER.. and now I think she is hooked - stay tuned for what she gave my mom this last weekend....


This is my Mom and my Oldest son working on cutting some squares. He cut, three ladies sewed, another girl ironed - it was quite a scene!

And just to be onery... I put the picture of the back of me in so that if you look real hard you can see my swimsuit tan lines. This will PROVE that I made it to the pool to swim laps a few times ( all you doubters - you owe me a chocolate LOL)
Today is the first day of school - So I got them all dropped off and it sure is quiet around here. Already got over an hour in on my quilting machine. Poor thing is worn out - it hasn't seen that much continous use for a few weeks!! Hope you all have a good one!

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Helen in the UK said...

How great that you had a chance to attend this event and promote QOV. Hope you get lots of extra input because of your efforts :)