Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quilty Inspiration

You know... don't you... that I just love quilts!! I love going to quilt shows to see what people  make, I love reading the blogs... I think... just maybe.... that I might be addicted ...ya think?  I think they are like art!!

The funniest part about that to me is in college, I was an Animal Science, Ag Business major. We had to take a fine arts class as part of our requirements and I took Art. And was extremely frustrated and bored... and now look at me!!  Who knew!!  I can be one of those "see kids, you never know what you will need in life, so do your math homework" stories!!

On to today's Quilt show!!

This amazing Zig Zag quilt comes from Mary in Colorado.. you can read more about Mary on her blog

Jody and the Bingham Ladies Fellowship in NE made these next 4 quilts.. this is a group of ladies that have been meeting and learning to quilt over the last 2 years. Are they not amazing?  Jody - you are a fantastic teacher!!!
 I had to show you the back... Isn't that the neatest  backing???
 And the sister quilt

I am going to guess that this is a buggy barn type star pattern - isn't it lovely?  

And the last one from the Bingham ladies - a green chain quilt!! The blocks are so variegated!!!

Janelle P in MD made the next two quilts. I think I want to go play in her fabric stash... These are just my favorite colors..... and so springy!!

 This is the back!! Isn't it amazing. I had just as much fun checking out the back as I did the front... seriously - wouldn't you have FUN with these fabrics??
 This is Janelle's too.... Its a Scrappy Trip around the world from Bonnie Hunter.  The yellow!! Is just totally works here!! I love it!

 And of course, Janelle did not dissappoint on the back either.... !!
 This next quilt is a joint effort - Mildred in CA pieced the quilt, and Angie at Timber Hill Quilted it!!
 This was one of the blocks - I love it!!

The next 2 quilts come from Jessie C in LA - they are part of the PatchworkTimes challenge... And I am pretty sure this first one was a mystery quilt on the mystery Quilt for soldiers yahoo group - that was actually designed by Judy L!

 I know I have seen this pattern somewhere - but I must admit, I can not remember where at this moment. I think I do fairly well at recognizing patterns - but it bothers me when I can't remember!!  Jessie did a wonderful job on this!!

Hope you enjoyed these lovely Quilts Of Valor!! I sure enjoy checking them out!! 


Mary Johnson said...

They all look great!

The Churn Dash and Stars looks like one of mine ... I did mine in different colors but my original design was in RWB.

I've also got a green double four patch on my website ... It's one of my favorite color combination for that pattern.

Cheryl Willis said...

great job everyone- what a blessing to have so many helpful hands. All of these quilts are beautiful. cw

Nancy said...

Thanks for all the inspiration. Wonderful selection of quilts.

BunkHouseQuilts said...

Awesome line up here! I have had the honor to quilt one of Mildred's quilts! She is amazing...

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Every single one is beautiful. I especially like the Trip Around the World with the yellow. May have to try something like that. Sorry to say I don't have any finishes yet for 2012, but working on it.

Mike Pearson said...

I really enjoyed these, thank you!

Sandra said...

Wow! What a lovely variety of quilts! I especially like the scrappy trip around the world. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work:)

Andi said...

I think the last one is one of Judy L's more recent patterns. She designs such great stuff!