Saturday, February 05, 2022

TEAL AQUA Rainbow scrap challenge

 Ohhh the color For February is one of my most favorite color collections!!!

I think that maybe I had been sending vibes to Angela - as after I finished the Red Hats I started these ... Prior to the color being called.... I think she felt me!!

Once the color was announced - I headed down to see what I had in my Scrap bins ... and I had such fun!!
There was a lot of this color.. Yay!!! 
and!!! I already have a plan for a quilt - a while quilt in mind... I am so excited. 

and I had to see what yarn I had.....  the one in the center - I made a hat for one of my sons with... the colors reminded of us that kids book - the Rainbow fish.  The one on the right - I made a hat for a nephews girlfriend and the one on the left.... I just found it at the store and liked it - so Off to knit up hats in these colors.

I feel like I am finally on track for the month 

You'll have to come back monday to see what I finally came up with for Januarys Rainbow Scrap challenge.... 

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Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Oh! Scrap  at quilting is more fun than housework


scraphappy said...

Off to a great start with aqua! Love those colors for the yarn.

Pat said...

It's a great beginning of teal/aqua!

Linda said...

I love teals too, if you could see my stash and my scrap bins you'd believe it for sure. Cute hats!

Jenny said...

It doesn't take much to make us quilters and knitters happy, does it. In your case, it's all about using your favourite colour this month. Happy stitching and knitting.

The Joyful Quilter said...

You are planning a whole scrap quilt in the February Color of the Month? Go, Alycia, go!!

Delighted Hands said...

The yarn and the fabric look like lots of fun to play with!

Anonymous said...

You've picked some lovely colors for the new hats.

San / Gypsy Quilter