Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Stop Tossing - a QOV Mystery quilt - Fabric Requirements

 Happy February!!!

Today is the day! The Fabric Requirements and 1 cutting instruction!!!

So here is the deal - on the blog - the clues will just be typed in - but in my Mystery group ( NOT a facebook page) there will be printable Pdfs... Its just too easy to do it there!!

Link to the group:

Fabric Requirements

 ·         9 Fat Quarters or 108 – 5 inch squares

If you do Fat Quarters – you will want 8 that blend together really well, and one that contrasts.

 For a Patriotic Quilt – you could use 8 different blues and one red

Or 8 Different reds and one white …. You get the idea.


If you do 108 – 5 inch squares – you will want 96 squares that blend and 12 that contrast


·         Background Fabrics: 

2 ¾ yards of background fabrics – This should be a color that makes your FQ’s/Squares shine

·         Contrast Fabric

7/8 yards – a contrasting color  - needs to contrast with your background fabric color

You could use a color that is the same as one of your FQ’s , but it should contrast with your Background fabrics.

Quilt finishes at 61 x 81 inches

Cutting Step 1:

If you choose to use Fat Quarters – Cut them up into 108  - 5 inch squares

You can get 12 *  5 inch squares per fat quarter

And await Step 1 ;-)


Delighted Hands said...

I'm going to buy the fabric and have to be on pause for the cutting until I have a right hand again! lol I'm going to do this, though!

Sara said...

This sounds very interesting!

Linda Swanekamp said...

oooh, aaah, a new heading on the blog! Have to go through the stash and see what I have got.

Kate said...

Sounds interesting!

Linda said...

Good luck on the mystery quilt! Love the new look on your blog.