Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Stop Tossing - My Fabric choices this time around

 If you haven't heard - a New Mystery has started...

Its easy

Its Quick


Its fun

AND!!! I am going to sew along again  - I mean !!

I have already done the test top, and then the do again top to make sure I didn't make a mistake

and then I had a quilty friend make one - so 

this time.... I am being a participant and making it in.....


Oh ya!!

So here are my Fabric Choices - and my first cutting step.... of the *Plaid version*

My 96- 5 inch squares in a color group

My 12- 5 inch contrasting squares

my Contrasting fabric there at the bottom

and! Blue is my background - this one should be interesting....

In my test quilt - I used 96 blue 5 inch squares - just all random squares in my bin with Red as the contrast... I liked how that worked up too.....

Hope you are joining in!!


Unknown said...

I have a box of random 5 inch squares. Not sure there's 96 of any one color! Will this work as a scrappy quilt, Alycia? (The Joyful Quilter @ work.)

Delighted Hands said...

Now that is no surprise that the plaids have allured your attention aagain! lol

WeedyMama said...

Those poor naked men at your house!