Monday, February 21, 2022

a Little Monster Quilt... and Hands 2 Help

 Joyful Jinxed me.... she said I may have more quilt tops in hiding.....

Now any of my UFO's shall not be UFOS... they shall be Joyfuls.... I will show her!!!!

( Love you Joyful!!!)

I found this little top in my stash of tops too - and decided to quilt it up with some of the extra backing on another quilt....

I will be honest - I remember starting this - I don't know what the intent was.... but thats all good!


Have you heard about Hands 2 Help?

This year the Academic Quilter is Hosting it!!!

You can read all about it Here:

She has listed quite a few places that need Quilt Donations - as well as looking around in your own home town. I think this little one would be good for the Little Lambs Foundation for kids.


JOY @ said...

Thanks for the reminder that I should get at least one quick one made. We have a local church group that has a sew day once a year to help out our local hospitals in Lexinton, KY. Our local police department also likes getting quilts to wrap anyone in they are helping during a horrible experience.

Elizabeth V Kelbaugh said...

Looks perfect for the Little Lambs Foundation and a great finish!

Delighted Hands said...

What a nice finish--it will make some child smile a lot!

Carol S. said...

Such a sweet quilt! Thanks for the link for donating quilts.