Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stash Report 1/23/11

Stash Report
Used This Week:   11.583 yards
Used Year To Date:    59.33 Yards
Charity Fabrics Added : 0 Yards
Fabric Added : 3/4 Yards
Added Year to Date: 95.92 Yards

Net for 2011:   35.617

My Kiddos had a spelling bee over in Loveland, and there is a Quilt Shop on the way, and coming home it started talking to my car, and the car just turned there!! I got a cute little charm pack Called Sugar Pops... Good thing they didn't carry yardage of that line!

Okay - now tell me the truth - aren't these just the cutest little spellers you have ever seen? I mean come on.... they just are so cute!!! 
Here's a sunset from Thursday night. It was cold, but so very clear, and the colors were so rich, much better in person!

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To see how every one else did!


SpinningStar said...

Those are cute fabrics - so cheery!

How did your cute spellers do? And the sunset is beautiful!


Sherrill said...

Stash smash..I, too, wanna know how the spellers (cute and all) did!!

Suzanne said...

It's crazy how your car just turns right into quilt stores. I had a rental car like that back East last Summer that did the same!

Amy said...

I'm hooked on Sugar Pops too! Hope your kiddos did well at the Spelling Bee.

Sherry said...

Your car has "automatic pilot" for quilt shops also, eh??!! he he

Hopefully you will be able to get into the "black" soon.

So, how did the spellers do?

Anonymous said...

Real cuties! My car has the same problem, but my husband's doesn't. Can't imagine how that could happen.

Hope you'll get my box on has a perishable surprise in it.

Shari in AZ

Lori said...

cars have these huge magnets that activate when you get close to a quilt shop. Sucks you right to the door. Spelling--do you remember spelling bees? I do, I couldn't spell "balloon"!