Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Gift Quilt

A way long time ago we were working on this *gift quilt* - it is the red white and black one on this post:

We didn't show it because I thought that someone who reads my blog would figure out who the quilt was for..... Here the quilt is in its entirety. My youngest boys picked out the fabrics and helped put it together, and the oldest one helped quilt it.

 Here the boys are giving the gift ( mind you this is the Christmas party ) Can you guess where we are?
Here it is being opened.

And now it is getting the appropriate ohhs and ahhss..... *grin*
This is Coach Doug and his wife. After the quilt was opened he gave it to his wife - who would only let people look, not touch it - cracked us up!
Turns out his Grandma was a quilter, so they were both pleasantly surprised
and were impressed with the boys!

We swim for the Eaton Red Waves  - the colors are Red Black and White.


Anonymous said...

Pretty quilt! Good job guys.

Shari in AZ

Anonymous said...

How fun! What a thoughtful thing for you and the boys to do...and just an added bonus that it was to someone who "gets it" about quilts!