Monday, January 24, 2011

Design Wall 1/24/11 - well Table

Today has been one of my least favorite days, but I am not at liberty yet to tell you why. Let's just leave it say that my life is pretty dang charmed compared to others, and I LOVE the bubble that I live in!!!

That being said - This is what it being worked on - on my design wall/table. It is a Scrappy Rail Fence in process: The pattern can be found here:

On Sunday I finished up with the rest of my crumbs of yellow - I kept some and sent the rest off to other sweet quilters - who wanted them ( whoo Hoo)

Some of the little pieces were like 1/2 by 1 inch little triangles and bits and oh  my - I can NOT believe that I took the time to sew them together - but I did!!!

Too see what others have been up to go to Judy's

Oh ya - and my boys thank you all for wondering how they did in the spelling bee... they got 5th and 7th place out of 22 spellers - so they were happy. Plus they outspelled their mom and won a milkshake....


Tamera said...

Hope everything's okay!

Looks like you've been a busy girl as usual!

Tell the boys congrats!

Anonymous said...

WTG guys....and mom too.

Shari in AZ

Anonymous said...

I love crumb blocks! They're bright and colorful and happy. They are a little time consuming, so I usually do them as beginners and enders. I'll sew up a handful of them, press them flat and square them off and continue the process.

Pamela in SOMD

Pat R. said...

Way to go, boys! That was a well won milkshake. Woohoo to you, too, Alycia. You are really eating up fabric, and, just think, it's only January!! Good work, all.

Anonymous said...

Looking good, Alycia! I can't believe you took the time to sew all those little pieces together either, but they look great! I love the yellows...

Congrats on the boys spelling! I love seeing pictures of them in action at the various things they do. What fun! I assume you got a milkshake as a consolation prize also?

Hope things, whatever they are, go better. I sure have had times like that, and like you I prefer my bubble!