Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quilters Accountability 1/26/11

I had lofty goals for this last week:
1. Keep working on the Yellow Quilts, putting on the borders, and choosing backing fabrics.

And I am glad that was all I did. 3 of my days were taken up with a beautiful thing called Jury Duty. I have to say I was not opposed to the jury duty as much as I was surprised that outside of my bubble SO many people have horrible heartaches. It could almost kill a person to hear all of it! So lucky me, I am back in my bubble where the unicorns fly and the butterflys are pretty.... okay well, maybe that doesn't happen, but I truly have a blessed life!

I worked on my two yellow quilts, and one is completely finishes, the other has borders cut and laying next to it..... and the bonus.... I got a quilt quilted

This is a small bit of it - I used a floofy feather pattern on it.

Next week Goals:
1. Finish the borders on Yellow quilt #2 - the challenge was just for January so sheesh I should have it finished before the 31st right?

2. Bind the quilt I just quilted
3. Work on Scrappy Rail Fence
4. Load up for Sundays QOV sew time!

To see what others are up to:
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Julianne's Machine Quilting said...

Still a productive week.

Impera_Magna said...

Jury duty certainly can be eye-opening... thank you for serving!

Now... back to fabric therapy for you!


Tamera said...

Well, you still got some stuff done.

It is eye-opening to see what others life through every day, isn't it.

I don't miss working and hearing everyone's problems all day, lol.