Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Saturday morning was another bright and early morning as all three boys needed to be in the middle of nowhere for a shooting sports competiton. The boys compete in .22, archery, and air rifle.

We headed out early - got set up and proceeded to roast. By 9am, I think it was 100 degrees. Good thing there was a breeze. Our (notice I include myself as part of the *team*) first competitions were over on the .22 and air rifle ranges. They boys had a good time, and mom took pictures.

Next we headed over to the archery range, where they were waiting on one of my sons to start his rotations. I must tell you - it is MUCH quieter on the archery side of things. My ears were relieved.

We finished the archery and my oldest son asks if he can get a chair out of my car. I say sure and hand him the keys..... (can you see where this is going) He comes back and I stick my hands out for the keys - and she - bang - he does NOT have them.

He and Wrangler man head back over to the car just in case and come back to tell me - nope - its locked up tight. Now - I have a new vehicle. It came with ON STAR. So I am thinking - wow - I put the on star number in my cell - I will call it and voila. Two problems = one - I mentioned we were in the middle of nowhere right? And to get cell reception you have to be standing just in the right spot. Which is quite unimportant - because my CELL phone was LOCKED in the car!!!

Wrangler man says - Oh I stuck my phone in the shooting bag - what's the number? And of course I laugh - because the number is IN my phone, not my head. He uses his fancy technology, gets into our email - finds the number and calls OnStar.  5 minutes later - seriously folks - 5 minutes - our car is unlocked!! I am totally renewing this thing when my free time is up.

I do have AAA - but it would have taken them 2 to 3 hours to get to us, even if I could have given them the right directions. Not many people drive to the chicken tree, go North to the dairy, and then turn at the roping arena .... ya know?

Having an unlocked car was good, as we needed to drive back over the the .22 range for the awards ceremonies. Two of my children made the state competitions, and one is a runner up - so we thought that was pretty good. My oldest made state in 2 disciplines ( the other 2 made it in 1) all in all not a bad day. Except the for 100+ degree Heat, and the key thing. That did kind of worry me.

By the way - a friend said he would take me home to get my extra keys, but , um, well, the house keys were LOCKED in the car - and I don't have a spare, because ...hmmm I don't have a good answer for that one....

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Gypsy Quilter said...

Well congratulations are certainly in order for all of your fellas! I'm especially impressed with the ability to use a phone to access e-mail. But that's mostly because I don't have a cell phone.

Have you considered a simple magnetic lock-box wired to some place in your car?

When I went back to college, was trying to work, and my brain was pretty much on other things besides keys, I locked my keys in my truck TWICE in one week. I kid you not. If I had been waiting for someone at home to come get me, well, I'd still be waiting as my dogs could not drive. LOL