Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Quilters accountability Week 22

I always think of these great things to say when I am in the car, driving my kids to and from all of our activites, and by the time I sit down at night - I can't remember a durned thing....
So for my quilty progress:
Last weeks Goal was : Goal #1: Keep sewing on Judy L's quilt project
And I DID!! I did not make the deadline of June 6th - but I have at least gotten a top done... without borders. I notice that most of my quilts have just plain borders, and I wonder why. I think that maybe I am so excited to be done, that I just want it done. But not this time. I am going to follow Judy's instructions and put a pieced border on... I even have the strips cut to prove it!

Because I have been driving more than quilting this week I have been pondering my quilting life, my quilting process and my "to do" ( or want to do) list.
I have decided that I need to get a plan of action down, as I am finding that I am leaving too many projects unfinished. And too many tops unquilted, which doesn't make sense.... I am a longarm quilter - what is up with that?
One of my biggest thoughts has been - maybe I need to be a one quilt at a time quilter. How many people do this? Or do they have lots of quilts going on and manage to not forget them? And if so, how???? Hmm....
and just to prove that things can get exciting around here.... look what I found outside my door. I had to load some things in the car. Got the load, walked outside, stepped off the step, stepped over the snake, loaded the car and then realized that I had stepped OVER a snake and did what any good girl would do.... I screamed!!! and the snake didn't move!
Wrangler Man saved me, and it was only a hognosed snake. But I explained to the snake that no matter that he is not dangerous - he is not allowed to play near my house.....
OH~~ And because the snake scared me I almost forgot - next weeks goals.
#1: Finish Judy L's Quilt of Valor sew Along (

#2: Help my kids get their quilts cut out.

#3: Put the Carolina Christmas blocks into the top ( I only have rows sewn... bummer)

For what others are up to - go check out Baris blog -


Amy said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I don't care about what kind of snake it is either----it's A SNAKE!!!!!

Ikcy icky icky

Great looking goals....can't wait to see all the goodies....

Lori in South Dakota said...

Must be snake season! A couple of weeks ago I took pictures of a big bull snake we came across. Okay, had to look them up. Hognose snakes will play dead. Rarely do they bite, unless you smell like lunch. You didn't smell like a rodent or a lizard, did you? Bull snakes have nasty tempers. Will strike at you and shake their tail to imitate a rattlesnake.

Sheila said...

Yeah for accomplishments! Your quilt looks fantastic, and you are farther along than me now.

Did I ever tell you about the time we were camping and I woke up to a weird sensation and found a snake crawling through my hair?

Julianne said...

You got so much done this week.

I would have done a bit more than scream..I think I would have needed to change my pants.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I don't mind snakes at all, but one crawling through my hair while I am sleeping might really do it.....

I LOVE your Judy L. quilt! That is so pretty! You made a lot of progress this week, even with all the running you do.

I so understand about the pondering on your quilting process. One at a time seems like a fantastic idea, but will it work in real life? What about the baby quilt you have to whip up for the baby shower you forgot about that is next weekend? Oooohhhh. This is really a hard one. I just want to get my UFOs out of my way, but there is also other things that are way cool that I want to try....

I sympathize!


Judy Laquidara said...

Oh, and you thought I was going to sleep on the ground???

I've often wished I could start a top, finish it, quilt it, bind it and then think about my next quilt. I can't. That would be torture for me. The only time I really think about my UFO's is when others start talking about them and I kinda feel guilty because everyone else feels guilty but really . . I don't feel guilty! Quilting for me is more about having fun and feeling creative so if starting a bunch and finishing a few makes me feel good, quilting is one area I'm not going to beat myself up over.

BTW, love your Memorial Day quilt. I'm getting a few quilted here and will be sending them to you soon.

Judy Laquidara said...

That whole comment and I forgot to say . . You see why I make all my borders first? By the time I get to the borders, I'm so ready to be done, I'd add a couple of plain borders and be done. Nothing wrong with plain borders but I loved pieced borders so I do them all first.

American Quilter's Society said...

Great strategizing. All great things take time! Happy quilting!