Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quick Vacation

Last Saturday a cousin was getting married. So we had a Swim Meet in the Morning, at noon loaded into the car and drive North 3 hours. Got showered and into the church with 15 minutes to spare. The wedding was BEAUTFUL. The reception was even better. We got to talk with lots of relatives and hang out.


Then Sunday Morning we got up and headed out to Ayres Natural Bridge Park. My husbands Great Grandfather donated the land to Wyoming to make this park -
so we had to take the boys out to it and hike around! The whole area surrounding it is really pretty. So we hiked as far as we could, then rolled up our jeans and waded in the water. It was slightly cold! Although the little guy stayed in the longest. He must be part fish!
Well I know this isn't quilty - and I can't really make it quilty... I could make it arty though. My husbands Aunt painted us a watercolor picture of the bridge and it is gorgeous!
Hope you all have a good one - I am hoping our day slows down a bit and we get to be home for most of it... maybe even in the house - with power - and no thunderstorms..... A girl can wish ;-)

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