Thursday, June 05, 2008

Not so Top Secret Project Step 2

On we continue with the 16 patch block.
You need to take your Dark and Light little two patches and place the right sides together, opposite colors together. I put mine together and make sure they are matching at the middle seam. In my head this makes them more square, and if I have to trim I am not messing up the center seams.
Again - I chain piece. I put them thru the machine and just let the pile grow in the back. Then when I am done I go clip them and take them to the ironing board. Press them with the seam to one side.
Then we will sew one 4 patch to another 4 patch - to make the top half of the block. Again I chain piece. This chain pieceing is usually where I pop in a quilting DVD - my new favorite that I picked up at MQS is a quilting DVD from Kimmy Brunner ( htttp:// ... and if I want to drive the men outside I put in a chick flick - I watched "Someone Like You" while I was testing my first one. It was So so....
So after you have all the 4 patches sewn to another 4 patch you get well - this pic on the right ( is it an 8 patch?) Again - take them to the ironing board and press the seams to the left or the right.

Then we join the 8 patches to another 8 patch and voila - your 16 patch is all sewn. After you have sewn these all together - head back to the ironing board and press this seam. You should have 21 ~ 8 1/2 inch 16 patch blocks when you have finished this step.

It is a lot of fun to see the enthusiasm for the Quilt of Valor project grow. It really makes my heart happy. I know that the look on the soldiers faces when they recieved there quilts is truly priceless. I have recieved numerous emails from "our" soldiers telling me what the quilt means to them - and it makes me so glad! ~

Look at this face... Doesn't she look happy?
Have a great day! Enjoy your quilting!


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Jeanne said...

I guessed that would be the next step and just finished my last 16 square block. Fun blocks to make. Pictures tomorrow...