Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Not so Top Secret Project Questions

I love it!! You all are so wonderful and ask the best questions!! This is really helpful to me! And exciting. So many of you are going to make a Quilt of Valor - I can't believe it. So the answers to the questions that have been asked:
What size will it be ( oops I knew I forgot something important): Finished size 57 x 66
What colors are the best? : This really is up to you. I have found that ALL soldiers like Red Whites and Blues. We had a female soldier that took a pink floral quilt and was so excited to find something girly in the military. The reds and blues are kind of gender unspecific - all soldiers appreciate them. Hopefully that doesn't confuse you more.
Do you want them finished or unquilted?:
I will take them either way if you would like us to deliver the quilts. If you would like to quilt them, or go thru and choose a longarmer to have it quilted.. go for it. If you want to send it to me to be quilted - that is fine too. Just send the top and backing to me. Alycia Quilts... 31544 Hwy 34.... Kersey CO 80644
When is the delivery date?:
We are definitely scheduled for May 2009 - the chaplain is expecting us! But if things go our way and in our favor we may try for a mid year delivery in Sept or October. So I am Planning ahead for May.
When is the next step coming?:
Tonite.. I have to do the mom thing and take the kids to swim practice and we kind of pretend to work during the day... but I know the computer will need me this evening!
Thanks so much for participating. I can't tell you how this makes my heart happy. I feel like I am walking on air - and that is such a great way to start a day! You all have a wonderful one - see ya this evening!

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Anonymous said...

Where would I send the quilt to? What address I mean?