Saturday, June 07, 2008

Not so Top Secret Project Step 3

The 4 Patch Block:
This is the easy block and it goes together rather quickly.
Step 1: Sew your Dark Strips to yur Light Strips, right Sides together. Take then to the ironing table and press them. I press mine again towards the dark side.
Then take the strips to your cutting table and cut them into 4 1/2 inch sections. With 22 inch Fabric - you will get 4 sections per strip set, with the WOF you should get 9 sections per set.
Take the sections and sew them into the 4 patches. With mine I got 22 Blocks. You only need 21 blocks. So I am going to save mine and if you feel like sending your extra block along with your quilt I will put them into another one. But if not - you can use this as a label, or incorporate it into the backing.
So now you should have 21 4 patch blocks and 21 16 patch blocks.
Tonite I will try to post the last step - so you will have it all at your fingertips - and can finish it whenever you have time.
Have a great day - Little Bit and I get to go shopping this afternoon - so we may have to make a detour to a fabric shop - just for fun!

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Anonymous said...

I finished all my blocks last night (pic on my blog). I'm really excited about getting my first QOV done. Speaking of backing, how do you feel about piecing backings? Or do you prefer whole cloth backings?