Sunday, June 22, 2008

VBS Quilts of Valor

These are the completed Quilt tops from my two days with the kids at my Moms Church. I am thinking I may put another border around them - but I think they turned out great. Audry from the church put all the blocks into quilts - so she did all the hard work!
I am thinking that I will do a rather simple quilting thru the blocks - and maybe something twisty thru the sashings.
I have had a couple others email me about doing this with their Kids or groups of kids. This is what we did:
~Washed and pressed the higher quality muslin.
~Backed it with Reynolds Freezer Paper
~Let the kids color with Crayons and Fabric Markers
~Ironed them until the wax came out. I ironed them on the wrong side, with a paper grocery sack under them.
~Removed the Paper - and Voila!
The little helper holding up the quilts is my youngest. He has a block in there too... This group also made lots of cute cards and we took lots of photos to make an album to go with each quilt. The kids loved posing for the pictures almost as much as making the quilts.
Have a great one!

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Vicki W said...

Those are really sweet!