Saturday, June 07, 2008

Not so Top Secret Project Step 4

Now you are going to take your blocks and put them into rows. I am a pretty random sew'er . So I made a pile of 16 patches and a Pile of 4 patches and sewed 3 sets of them together. I then would take those to the ironing board, press them and then sew them into a strip. I am SURE there are many more ways to do this - but this way brings on the Instand Gratification that I like!!
Your rows should be 6 blocks wide.
After all the rows are done ( you should have 7) , I turn them every other direction and start sewing the rows together. And Voila - there is the center of the top!
Remember those 4 1/2 inch strips you cut for the border? Well again - I am sure there are many ways to do this... but how I do it is:
I measure the center of the quilt vertically, then I sew the strips together to make this length and apply those borders. Then I press and do the same thing vertically. If for some reason the center is less that the edges of the quilt - this gives me a chance to ease in the fullness for a more square look. That said I AM NOT the quilt police, and therefore am not perfect ( I just pretend to be in front of my sons!).
So What do you think? Won't it make a nice Quilt of Valor?
Someone asked about Pieced Backings (but there return email was not turned on) I LOVE Pieced backings. I think they add a lot of interest to the quilt and I love wide backs too... (I'm simple)
If you are so inclined to send me the top or the finished quilt to deliver to the soldiers - I would love it! My Address again is:
Alycia Quilts
31544 Hwy 34
Kersey CO 80644
Have a good rest of your weekend folks... I am teaching 60 K-5th grade kids over the next 3 days how to make Quilts of Valor... so I might possibly be pretty exhausted.. so if you don't hear from me.. that is why... Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Love it Alycia.
Simple piecing and looks great. Only thing I would change is the piecing of the 16 patch. I would sew 4 strips together and then sub cut. Turn everyother one and you have your 16 patch. You don't handle your fabic as much.

In fact when I cut I put two of the 4 strips right sides together, one with dark on top and the other with dark on the bottom, then they are ready to sew. Less messing with fabric.
Thanks for the pattern. Have enjoyed doing it.
Nancy L

Jeanne said...

Thanks, Alycia, for the "Not so Top Secret Project" instructions. I will have mine on the way to you as soon as I can. It was a fun and fast quilt top to make. I will do another soon.

Lori said...

Great Job! Kudos to you! I will send you a quilt or two when I am done,

Fabricmom said...

Beautiful quilt. God Bless you for all that you do for our troops. My hubby is in the National Guard here in AL. And to teach kids to do it too. You Rock.

Renee said...

Alycia, I've been making the Mystery QOV quilts and I've finished one. The top only. Would you accept the quilt top w/o a backing or batting? I'm pretty prolific in putting together a top, but I'm horrible at putting the whole thing together. If you would take the top only, I might be able to send you one a month. Let me know. Renée