Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Renee's QOV for the Challenge

All the way from Florida - this beautiful quilt came for our QOV Challenge. It is from Renee in Florida - and wow - the photo does not do it justice. I got it today and hung it on my dining room doors... I think I ight just leave it there for a day so I can give it the appropriate Ohhing and Ahhhing..

She also sent some cute log cabin and star blocks in patriotic colors!

Someone asked how they could get to the Not So Top Secret Project Quilt Pattern... so if you click on the Not So Top Secret Quilt link in the Quilt of Valors here list - you can see it, then if you click on the label it will bring all of the posts up that have that label. I hope that helps - sometimes I am really not computer literate..

Have a great evening!


Julie said...

This is really beautiful - Renee did an excellent job...and commendations to you for the effort you put into getting these quilts to these men and women to show your support and appreciation.

Mary Johnson said...

It looks great - nice to see the list of quilts grow on your sidebar.

Vicki W said...

Very pretty!!