Saturday, June 14, 2008

Heartstrings Quilt of Valor and blocks

The squishie ( that was actually a box) I got in the Mail from my Heartstrings group had 2 quilt tops, String Blocks from Helen in the UK, string blocks from Jeanne, and a pile of blocks from the block bank..ALL of them patriotic! Oh and there was a backing piece that will look great on the back of the Red White a Blue Top. It is light blue with Eagles on it.
I can't wait to get these quilted and off to my binding volunteers... I think they make be just a little shocked and the number of quilts that will be coming their way! But I know they can handle it.
Now for the blocks... I am going to go work with my Moms group of ladies next week, and my sons are coming with me. Two of them work my machine rather proficiently ... so putting these blocks into rows is going to be their challenge. That should keep them busy for a while. The layout always take some time with 3 boys having to agree!!
Hope you all have a great weekend. Ours looks to be warm - in the 90's so it should be a great working weekend. We are off to the hay auction in a little bit, and then whatever else needs to be done ;-) I have everyone convinced that we should be down in the basement later this evening.. so maybe I will get to quilt after all.....


Jeanne said...

I'll be happy to see what the boys do with the blocks! They were really fun to make.

Mary Johnson said...

Oh my, I just saw that you raised your goal to 400 quilts!! I guess we'd all better get busy if we're going to help with that.

Helen in the UK said...

Yeah - my blocks made their way to you!! Great that my small contribution will be part of your big endeavour!! Hope your boys have fun assembling HeartString quilts :)