Friday, November 30, 2012

Finished Friday

Our internet has been in and out this morning, and usually that does not bother me.... but last night... instead of diligently working and getting all of my internet *stuff* done....

We went to a swim meet, and then to a Christmas Musical. The Musical was AWESOME!! our church put it on, and I did not know what to expect.... but it certainly wasn't that. What a production!!

We were all talking about it on the way home,and kinda want to go see it again - it was truly amazing. Our music director is nothing short of amazing - he wrote it, directed it, choreographed it.... wow!!

This weeks edition of Finished Friday is another Quilted quilt. At this stage in the year - I think quilting is the game ;-)

The far away picture shows the truest colors, It is the coolest batik quilt - I just loved the colors in it. The close ups kind of muted them.

This is going to a granddaughter ( not mine - the customers!)  so I wanted fun designs, and a more modern pop to it ... 

This photo comes from a neighbor - she was out in her field - looking west. Isn't it gorgeous?  If you look real carefully on the right side of the picture there is a bump and a pole. That bump?  That's my house!!!  Too cool!

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Enjoy your day!!!

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Lynette said...

Whoop! Whoop! I love your quilting on this. The circles are terrific. And yes, what a COOL pic of your house in a sunset!