Monday, December 19, 2016

Quitville Mystery Clue 4

Happy Monday!!!
Our weekend was Oh So Cold!!! and we headed out to watch my son play basketball.

Down in Denver they got way more snow than we did, but most of the roads were plowed well enough to drive - until you got to the one right by the school .  ( in the snow plow drivers defense - we were WAY early in the morning)

As we are turning onto the road - I scream (to my little car)  Don't get stuck - and Wrangler man yells at me to gun it.... and we made it - who knew you would need to go 4 wheelin' in town - ha ha!!!

On to the Mystery!!!

This is Clue #3 .... and I am going to be the first to tell you - I made a new Design Element with these - and my fingers are crossed they will be ok!!  I didn't read well - and I didn't read that you were supposed to use a light and a dark (Purple is my Navy)   and so!! They are all dark.....

We will see what happens????

and because it makes me happy - Clue 1-3

And then...... Clue 4

Remember the basketball thing?
Yep - it was ALL day

and when we got home - we had chores to do, and then it was bedtime

since I am sure you want to see my kid?

He is the one in White ;-)
( and I took that photo - I am just so happy!!!)

Alright!! The deets!!

The Quiltville Mystery can be found here:

and you can find my buddy in crime ( and quilts)
also doing his patriotic here


The Joyful Quilter said...

RWB was one of my color choices for this year's mystery. (Didn't end up going with it, though.) I'm excited to see how your patriotic version turns out!

Cherie in St Louis said...

Alycia, thanks for the am laugh...Quitville!! Giggle :) Great shot of your son!

Bobbi said...

Your pieces are looking great! I've also had some interesting experiences in town here. You can never count on plowed roads in Montana. I'm sure it's the same in some of the other states.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Very glad to hear that you didn't get stuck in the snow. Far, far from home. I see that basketball players are also getting their pilot's license to fly now (without planes). Great photo.

beth s said...

Looks like a great game! Thanks for linking up

gayle said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your RWB quilt!

englishquilter said...

Love your twist on colours!

Bonnie said...

You are doing a great job of keeping up with the mystery. I'm hoping you'll be happy with the dark on dark 4 patches. You can always save them for some other time and make new ones.... Of course we want to see your child (young adult!) looking like he is being very successful.

Karen said...

Can't wait to see how all our color choices work out! Have fun and Merry Christmas.

Barbara said...

You're in good company. I did the same thing with clue 3. I suspect I'm going to want to do them over but I'm holding back until we see the reveal. I've already come up with a couple of ideas of how to use the all dark purple 4-patches.

Barbara at Stash Overflow

Miaismine said...

Am enjoying seeing your progress on the Mystery QAL. It looks like fun!

Kevin the Quilter said...

I am intrigued to see how your blue 4patches will work out! They will probably be just fine! Thanks for sharing this mystery with me and your patriotism! Way to go Lil Bit!

Kate said...

Your 4 patches will probably work just fine. Looking forward to seeing how the different versions work out in this mystery.

em's scrapbag said...

Great action shot of your boy!
If it makes you feel better I've had to use 4 wheel drive to get up my driveway before. And somehow I still love snow.