Wednesday, July 20, 2011

UFO # 8 Revisited

In June Judy  chose UFO # 8 to be finished. Mine was just in the cut stage - so I got the top finished, and then fizzled.  I am happy to say that it is now COMPLETLY done.... well except for the binding. But we have a QOV sew day this sunday - so I will bribe someone to do it ;-)

I quilted it with Jamie Wallens Flurry of Angels technique. I like the texture that gave it.

A lot of you asked about this pattern. It is by Terri Atkinson and can be found in her spring cleaning book.

This is the front (up)
The back (down)

And now I have one less UFO!!!!


Kathie said...

bribe them with chocolate, you will get it done!! Cute quilt.

Judy V. in Thornton said...

Love your UFO and its quilting! It's a neat way to use up strips from other idea is brewing in my mind.

Quilter Kathy said...

Great job! Congrats on the "early" finish! Bring it over and I'll stitch that binding done :)