Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quilts of Valor Quilted

When its hot I like to be in the basement - and that is where my Long Arm is - so in a way this heat spell is good for me!

This quilt was made by Gisla ( Ihope I spelled that right!) From Montrose. She came Sunday and bound it to take it back a a special reciepient Veteran.

Close up of the Swirls panto

This one was made by Nancy W over in Loveland -

Here it is ready to bind ( that has now been done thanks to my guild ladies!)

This one was made by Charlotte in my quitl guild.

This is the backing - my mom made that!

And a close up of the quilting - its a design on Dawn Ramirez's Pajama quilter DVD.

And this one I quilted for our guild. It is a comfort quilt that they keep for when one of our members needs it. I love the blocks

And another close up of the quilting. I tried to leave the autograph parts empty.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!!


Cheryl Willis said...

terrific! great job everyone.

Judy V. from Thornton said...

What fun it is to see what other quilters have been doing...I like them all! My woman cave is in the basement, too. It sure feels good to get away from those 90-degree temps and to quilt away merrily, lol.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilts! I love the quilting on the autograph quilt - nice feathers! I also use Dawn's DVDs and patterns quite a bit - love them!


Anonymous said...

Great quilts...and quilting! I love the dinasour bones too. I'm jealous of you gals withbasement caves! I'm in a garage that isn't air conditioned unless I'm in there. Of course when it's 106+ it takes a couple of hours to even take the edge off. :-(

Shari in AZ

Quilter Kathy said... are quilting up a storm there...way to go!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Holy poopola girl! WHEN on earth did you sneak time in to quilt all those quilts?!?!? From start-to-finish, how long does it take you to load/quilt a quilt?

Candace said...

Beautiful quilts with beautiful quilting. I'm sure they'll be treasured.