Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stash Busting Report

I tell you what - Cutting fabric is wonderful therapy, and a great excuse to hibernate in the basement where it is MUCH cooler!

I kind of cut up a lot of fabrics Saturday - most are in preparation for our sew day today, and for some future projects that I am going to start right now - because lets face it, I love to start things!

So the report:

Fabrics In this Week:           1/2 yard of a cool patriotic fabric
Fabric in Personally YTD:    42.04 Yards
Fabrics Donated:                  141. 5 yards ( I think I have busted ALL of this now!)

Fabrics Used This Week:     16.812 Yards
Fabrics USed YTD:            301.786 Yards

Stash Busted YTD:     118.241 yards used!!

I cut up 15 FQ's of brights to do the sew along over at

And then I had a bucket ( that is it to the right) And I just decided it needed to be cut up - cuz I want the bucket back . So I used my accucut and laid the dies out that I have, and when the fabric fit the die.... that is what I cut. 

And this is a test block with some of my scraps - I like it, but wonder how I would use it in a QOV.... that will be pondered on while I go eat Ice Cream!

For other stash reports go to:


Kathie said...

Just mindlessly sewing together strips or squares is also great therapy.

Andi said...

In groups of four, you will get a neat diamond as the alternate pattern with those scrappy blocks. looks great!

Diana said...

I need to do scraps drawer is over full!

SpinningStar said...

Cute block - you sure are doing great on the stash busting!

Anonymous said...

Have a sewing room in the basement would be great in weather like this. Mine is in a loft and it has been hot up there today.

Keep up the good work on your stash busting!

krisgray said...

Or, you could do furrows or barn raising, or any other log cabin setting.

marilyn said...

I love that block you made. Makes me want to bust some stash! I love my cutter too!

Quilter Kathy said...

I have been doing the same thing. Cutting fabric does not require the use of the iron and is a sedentary activity to do in this hot weather.

Pat R. said...

That's a great block!! It would work great for any kind of setting you would use for log cabin blocks....just think of the possibilities!! Great job on the stash busting!!

Anonymous said...

You have flat used up some fabric this year! Way to go! I can't believe how much you get done, even with a busy life.

I love your block - it will make a great quilt of valor. I also agree on all the log cabin comments - any log cabin setting or variation will work as will the heartstring settings.

Have fun playing!