Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Stash Report

Oh boy.... I was doing so very very well, and then my friend said I have a little bag for you for Quilts of Valor and then..... I decided I needed to make a quilt - a certain kind of quilt - and I needed a litttttle bit more fabric....... but then on the good side - I have been making backings like crazy for Quilts of Valor and getting them to other longarmers - because a wonderful sewing friend brought me 11 tops, and another friend brought me 7 tops and I KNEW that I would never get that many done by the end of the year..... so I made brownies.

Shew - say all that without taking a breath!!!

So - are you ready for the damage?

Fabric Used This Week:                             12.55 Yards
Fabrics Used YTD:                                    314.35 Yards

Fabrics In ( donated to QOV)                     22.5 Yards ( see this was NO small bag!!)
Fabrics In ( purchased by me)                     1.0 Yards  
Fabrics In   YTD                                           207.05 yards

Fabrics Busted YTD:                               107.29    So Still using more than I buy/retrieve -I                                                                  better get working harder!

I want to thank you ALL for your support these last two weeks. The emails and cards and comments truly made things easier for Wrangler Man and Me. Although there is a BIG hole in our hearts, we know our *girls* are all in heaven - and we believe that the outcropping of rainbows the last two weeks are not only a sign of hope, but are the girls painting the sky for us.


pcflamingo said...

" I made brownies." What a great solution! When I was little, I thought my mom could fix ANYTHING with Scotch tape. Then in college, my roomie and I would fix the pain of a break-up with a boyfriend by eating an entire pan of homemade cinnamon rolls. My husband died a little over two years ago, and that is a hurt and a hole in my heart and my life that simple fixes just won't fix. I know you are grieving so much for "the girls" and that is a process that will just go on and on. Knowing that they are in heaven, and together, and sending you rainbows - that's a good feeling.

SpinningStar said...

Good job on the stashbusting, even though you got that little surprise.

Again, my prayers are with you and your family on the loss of your "girls". They are keeping watch over you.


Kathie said...

You only bought 1 yard, that is doing great!!!

Beautiful rainbow.

Kate said...

Great on the stashbusting, 100 yards out is pretty terrific.

ANudge said...

You are doing a great job for QOV.

I think also the girls are sending you signs.

My prayers continue for your family,