Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Blast from the Past

While I should be sewing and cleaning, and doing laundry.... I am not.... I am playing in my pictures and labeling them.... before I forget who is who, and when is when....

and I came across these from 2006....

This is a quilt made by Mary and I quilted it - but look at the sunlight!!
Apparently my photography skills are getting better ;-)
Or maybe I now have curtains - who remembers??

This is my little buddies - Little bit is 5 and Middle bit is 8.
Little bit made that quilt on the far left wall - a Bonnie Hunter pattern - as a Quilt of Valor
He exhibited it in the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum's 
Quilts by the hands of Men display.
He was the youngest man there!!

Oh and the lady -that was the reported who interviewed him!

All three boys went to the opening reception - and since we knew they were supposed to be quiet ( hack hack sputter cough) - we got there early enough to go run by the river, play in the park, and otherwise tire them out.

Impressive parenting skills - right?

Little bit with his quilt. We also put out a journal so that visitors could sign the journal, knowing it was going to a Wounded Warrior. 

FYI - two of these children - I now look up to.... it's disconcerting *sigh*

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