Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Quilt show!!

Are you ready to see some Cool Quilts of Valor?

This one at the top was made by Gina S out of Longmont. Gina and her husband so kindly drove up to Loveland and met me at one of my boys' swim meets so that this quilt could get to a soldier! Thanks Gina!! It was great to meet you!!

The two above are actually one quilt. Jessica in Denver made it and pieced the flag for the backing of the quilt. She brought it up at one of our QOV sew days, and Ms Ethel took it home to bind it. She was so tickled at the back that she made me show it at guild - it got a lot of Ohhs and ahhs!!

Now - I will have to be honest - the next 5 quilts were quilted by Ms Pat in Peyton, but I can not remember where this top came from? I should have it on my list, but apparently I forgot this one - I am sorry. I will assume it came from one of our heartstringers!
I know the next three came from Sue F of our heartstring group ( you can check us out at )

And it was quilted by Pat
Don't you love the patterns that the string blocks can make?
This little one here, is going to go along with the other Blue string one. It will be accompanying it as a child quilt - a lot of these Vet's have kids and Sue thought this would be cool - so my VA contact and I have found the right vet for it to go to.....
This strippy quilt was made by Marlene from my Quilt guild. Again - Ms Pat quilted it for us!!

These lovely pillowcases came from the Pride City Quilt Guild in Pueblo! They are awesome pillowcase makers!

The very last one for today is still a top - but it came from Laura Jean - another heartstringer!! So I thought I should put that in there.... seems to be a theme!

Thank you all for your help!!


Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Love all the quilts. The flag on the back is stunning. I love the look of the strippy quilt. Random but fun.

Anonymous said...

More great eye candy! Great work ladies.

Shari in AZ
where it was 70 today