Monday, January 03, 2011

Design Wall and More

The Design Floor!
I really want a design wall - but we don't have walls with out huge windows. I tried a temporary one with batting and it worked for a litte while - but it was hanging from the sliding glass door.... made it hard to see out of the house, and I need to See. A. Lot. Hence the windows!! 

Anyways - this is my Monochromatic Yellow Quilt in Progress - and I claimed the floor - and so far no one has complained. 

 This is my other project today - My Mom and Dad got me new pots and pans for Christmas!! Whoo Hoo - now I will admit that I don't cook anywhere as well as Judy does, but my other pans were our wedding gifts, and they were getting old..... so sad.... thats means Wrangler Man is getting old too .....
 When the tempature got up to about 15 we thought we could probably brave sledding and snowboarding again. We went out Saturday when it was 8 and only could tolerate about 3 runs, today we lasted about an hour and a half.

Here's the 3 amigos.....
 Super Ninja Snowboarder, and he carries a snow disc, just in case he falls..... kinda smart thinkin'
The weeds jumped out of the snow jump and caught the edge of his board.... crash!
 Puppy had to get in a sled too - he LOVED it.... kept running up the hill to go again!!
 And my boots!!!  my other snow boots were getting old ( about 15 years old) and Wrangler Man bought me the coolest new boots - and my feet were WARM!!! Usually they freeze beyond feeling within 30 minutes.... this new technology is wonderful!
And last but not least - Emma - We sledded - she hunted up snow drifts, and chased us -this is our field to the west of our house, if you look closely you can see the rockies int he background!

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Chris said...

I have used those science fair-foldy-cardboard things covered in felt as a design wall in the past and they work in a pinch :)

marilyn said...

I love it...Wrangler Man is getting old :)

Laurie said...

I love your pictures of Colorado; I'm from there but left :( But my husband has a job in TX. I still love Colorado and get there as often as I can.