Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sewing Day One

We have started sewing in the 5th grade - and we have had great success! No one has sewn a finger... not that I worry about that, but surprisingly the kids do!


No one has steamed up the ironing room... although they think it would be fun to try.


And they are all having fun so far!

We are also making some really cool log cabin blocks , But I forgot to take pictures of those. So I will get to it!

~ We are learning to sew a straight seam, and what a seam ripper is for. Many have never seen a seam ripper, so they still think it is fun to rip out crooked stitches.
Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine went a little too fast!


Nancy said...

I love the enthusiasm that kids have for new projects! Keep up the good work.

LizA. said...

It must be so rewarding to work with such enthusiastic kids! You can see from the pictures that they just LOVE doing it!