Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gifts for the 25th

Okay - Just so you know - I wanted some moisture. Our pastures needed some moisture. They ( always - I wonder - who is "they") predicted 4-10 inches of snow in 24 hours - we got 12 inches in less than 2 hours and it is still snowing.


And you know that when it snows you Need stuff right? My poor horse came in late last nite with an eye wound, so I called the Vet this morning. Thank goodness he was in the neighborhood ( 7 miles away) treating a pig... and he came right out. By the time we finished with the horse - I had snow in my boots, in my sweatshirt, down my.. well everywhere!!! I got into the house and the boys laughed at me, I was dripping everywhere!!


The horse is going to be okay, I am now dry, the snow is still blowing - all we need is Wrangler Man to be home and life will be good!
Yesterday was the gift for the 25th day. And although this is not a gift for someone else - it is a gift for my couch. And it has to be quilted by Christmas - I hope I can do it. My Couch is counting on it! The top is now done. It is the Carolina Crossroads Mystery from Bonnie Hunter at . I think the pattern is now in her Scraps and Shirttails book. Only took me a year and a half... I am that quick!!
Alright - off to show the boys up on Wii bowling, wish me luck!


Sharkeysday said...

Sounds like a good day to hunker down - are the kids home for spring break?

Vicki W said...

Your quilt turned out great Alycia!

Jenny F said...

Good sewing day by the sound of it. Stay warm and enjoy your lovely quilt top :)
Jenny F

Helen in the UK said...

Yeah - congrats on getting your Carolina Crossroads top finished. I made a smaller version of this mystery and there are ooooodles of little pieces involved!! Looking great - your couch will LOVE it :)

Quilter Kathy said...

It is wonderful!
I'm sure you will be finished in time for Christmas!