Friday, November 14, 2008

Organized Chaos

Today was THE day.. THE day for the 5th grade class to lay out the quilts. We needed space, time and a lot of patience. Of course the wind was blowing 400,000 miles per hour.. so no one could go outside. And there was a change in the schedule to accomodate the time to lay out the quilts, and it was Friday.. which leads to a lot of energetic children.

I have two volumes in my voice - the regular talking one, which a lot of people ( including , ok - especially - my children) can not hear - and then the voice that calls the horses in. We try not to use this one very often. It was pointed out today that my horse volume was on.. oops!!

So we all settled down and got to work, and the volume went back down ;-)

We had a great time. Each group took a corner in two of the classrooms and got their quilts layed out. They looked at them from lots of different angles, made some changes and voila - they were done. Now they are pinned and back into the buckets for sewing! I think I may have gotten the kids a little more riled up than they were before we started. I am sure the teachers had a more organized way to do things - they have experience with this - but we got it done, and there were lots of smiles, so I call that a success.
I think they did a great job, and hope they all had fun. We are defineatly ready to sew them together and get them ready to quilt.
Hope you all have a good one! We had snow last nite and lots of wind today. My kids really want MORE snow. We have a sledding hill and they would like it snowy enough so they can sled.

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sweetnstacked72 said...

Hello, can I ask what it is you need help with for the contest? I am in Co. also. I could not imagine working and sewing with kids.God Bless you!! keep up the good work, Amy