Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Life Lessons

I know this has Nothing to do with quilting - but today is Life Lesson #1:

"Never whine too loudly - someone has it worse than you!"

Now seriously - I don't whine too badly in public - I save it all for the family when I get home! Aren't I nice? ... But today after a wonderful day of quilting, and Snain ( for those of you who don't know - this is snow that turns to rain) I went to school to pick my kiddos up. I was talking with a friend and asking if he could take me to get my pick up - apparently it starts for the mechanics. ( "They found a wire....blah blah blah...and it runs now - you can come get it")

Of course, I had to throw a little whine in there about how it stranded us, and left us alone in the nice warm church while we waited for a ride, and how it left me once with a truck load of kids.....

And then another friend comes up. His son plays Basketball with my son, so I ask if he is going to the game, and he says - oh my wife isn't feeling well so no - I am going back home.

I ask - Is she okay now? He says we hope so - her head starting hurting so bad and she couldn't see straight so we spent the day in the Emergency Room... Ugh - made me feel rather petty.... at least I didn't have to Sit in the waiting room with my truck ( that's a little humor, I know - very little) But he didn't stop there.... and I have to take my little girl to Denver tomorrow to Childrens Hospital for some more testing...

So now my little petty whining about my truck seems really really snivelly.. if that is a word! I think I will be making a dinner or cookies or something that won't kill them and take it over.

Oh - But there was wonderful wonderful news today!! Our Friend who has been battling Cancer was placed on the transplant list and is number 5 on the list.... we are so very excited and are amazed to watch God work thru this... so the next prayer is for the transplant to come QUICK!


Okay enough rambling... tomorrow I promise pictures of quilts - because I quilted today and I made progress....


Suzanne Earley said...

yes, there will always be someone who is worse off than you, but sometimes, i think it is ok to whine anyway.

Jessica said...

Isn't it amazing - those little "subtle" reminders that God gives us to remember to be thankful for what we have??? ;)