Thursday, March 16, 2023

Thursdays Thoughts.... the Scrappy Trip

Happy Thursday!!!

Did you know that sometimes, when I am quilting - I have thoughts?  And sometimes - I even remember them for later!!

My thoughts this week were about the Scrappy Trip blocks (pattern by Bonnie Hunter/Quiltville)

I was browsing Instagram looking at photos, and it seemed there were a lot of them popping up in my feed, and I thought... I have done those.... heck fire - I even think we did a block drive of them ( With Bonnies permission) 

Of course, I went and searched my Trusty Photos ( notice I did not say MEMORY!!) and found that we did the block drive back in 2012!!

How cool is that?

And I really liked that I asked them to have the white strip at the center, it made a lot of fun designs,

So here are my thoughts.

Quilting is cool - I think it is so cool how a block can be *re-done* in so many colorways, and so many sizes that even though its the same - its not!!

Quilting is Timeless - When I talked with Bonnie about using this block - we talked about using up scraps, and how to make the best use of the fabrics, - AKA a SCRAPPY block.....Today - this pattern is called MODERN as well.  

Quilting calls to both the Math and the Creative sides of our brains - the Math - to figure out *HOW* that block was made ( regardless that there are instructions haha) and the Creative - to use our colors, or our take on the design.

Quilting has a cool history - The tutorial first appeared in 1999, I used  her instructions from 2005, for our block drive was 2012 - and 2023.... The pattern is still making its appearance!!!

(and yes, I am aware that there are more patterns that this has probably occurred with. but for todays thoughts - it was all about the Scrappy Trip pattern)

And now!!

I want to make another!!! Could you see it in Cowboy fabrics with a Black center? hmmmm

I may have to go in search and start something new!!

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**Disclaimer - not an influencer, not a big deal - just me and my thoughts**


Delighted Hands said...

AGREED 100%!!!! And that is SO cool! This is a very nice quilt-thanks for sharing it now!

Michelle at said...

Those are cool thoughts, Alycia! And I’ve seen this design done in a number of colorways and you’re right, they are are all different and awesome. This is a beautiful top.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

Having the white run down the middle of the blocks created a beautiful effect. I like how quilting gives us time to have these kinds of thoughts. It's way better to think about quilt blocks than the meal I need to go make or laundry I need to fold (uhhh, I might need to go do those, shoot!)...

Kat Scribner said...

Your border on this one is really cool !

Linda Swanekamp said...

I echo your sentiments. Love the Scrappy Trips.

Mystic Quilter said...

Liking your thoughts Alycia, agree 100% and love the quilt.