Friday, August 05, 2022

I brought them to a finish.... and!! Finished (or not) Friday!!!

 Happy Friday!!!

Real quick... a New Mystery is starting in September: Long May She Wave  

I have been traveling a little bit - so this week I chose to finish projects that came to me already started.

The first one was just the center, so I added the Two Borders, the backing and I quilted it.  It is now a Quilt of Valor size and someone in my QOV group will get it bound for us!

Isn't that a fun way to use strippy blocks?  I thought it was really pretty - so added a little flag border and then.... gingham for the outer border.

And the next one - came from Kathy - she made the center, and then she had to move so she gave it to me to see if I should make it bigger. I decided - I really liked it just the way it was. so I chose a backing and got to quilting:

Isn't it pretty?  ( Don't laugh - but I did NOT notice there was one white border, and none on the others until I hung it up to take a photo)  I must have been overtired... but you know what? It will be loved anyways!!

many of you asked about my Flamingo clips - Here is a link to them:

Flamingo Clips ( commission earned)

I hope all is going good in your world!!!

And that you are getting a lot of project time in!

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Oh! And thank you for all the Zucchini recipes - I have tried quite a few of them - and we have enjoyed them  - but zucchini three times a day... whoa - that's a lot!

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Delighted Hands said...

The one border looked like it was channeling the modern quilts with more white space--very pretty! I like the strippy quilt, too, as always!

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Love the quilting!!!!

Snowcatcher said...

How I love the star quilting!!! Adorable pattern. I love how you made the quilt bigger, too. I also love the second quilt, and the white border on one edge doesn't bother me at all. Glad you're enjoying zukes! I just found one more in the garden, so I will get to enjoy another zuke boat in the next week or so!

Rosec said...

Love the quilts. The one with the white border is "in." I just saw a quilt with a black border similar to this one, made on purpose for fun.

Bonnie said...

I didn't notice the one sided white either. Oh well. I like how the inner white really shows off the quilting though. It amazes me how the simple strips of fabric can make a really nice quilt.

Preeti said...

Single border is your signature, Alycia. That is the story and stick to it. Enjoy your travels and be safe. Iam sure you will have a picture or two to share when you return :-p

Bernie Kringel said...

Both quilts are lovely - not noticing the border? Well that just makes me like you even more!
I am debating joining the QAL in September even tho half of my brain is screaming NOOOOO. The other half is whispering - why not? it'll be fun.....

Michelle said...

Kathy’s quilt with one white border is artistic! Beautiful quilt! And the QOV quilt is lovely.