Friday, May 15, 2015

Colorado National Monument

We might have been off hiking again....

And since no one has told me that a quilt blog can't go hiking..... are you ready??

We went to Colorado National Monument.
It is West of Grand Junction - over on the western edge of our state.

The views are breathtaking 

And my kids are nuts.  While that youngest one thought he was being funny - the dad was maybe 15 feet away ready to grab him!!

I just love black and white - 
the colors change so much 
( and I still pretend I am like Ansel Adams)

The terrain is crazy.
My oldest runs through this area
( like miles - and its all up hill - he is wierd that way)

My guys

Someday - when we look back at these photos - I am going to show them to his kids
And remind them that their dad was a HUGE goof, and to get a photo without goofy faces, bribery is always involved!!!

Scenery is always amazing - but the clouds.... so cool!

I then we headed into the canyons....
I have more photos.....


Unknown said...

Great pictures Alycia, love that shot of Mount Garfield with the Grand Mesa in the back. Homesick again, sigh...


Terri said...

Beautiful pictures. Sounds like you had a fun day.

Farm Quilter said...

So beautiful!! Have you ever looked at this area from the air? It looks like a huge caldera - I've never seen it from the ground, but from the air it is quite visible. Check out a topographical map... Love the hiking pictures - reminds me of my youth!!

Sally T said...

Holy smokes. Some of those views don't even look real...simply amazing! And yes...breathtaking!

Kate said...

Wow, gorgeous scenery!

I'm always reminding DT that I have lots of embarrassing photos for that can make their appearance when she least expects it.