Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015

Writing this post has been a struggle!! I wanted to share with you our Presentation in Greeley - I shared that photo of all the vets sitting up front...

Okay - I will share it again:
And it was awesome.... and then my fabulous picture takers let me download and emailed me  - and then Igot overwhelmed!! I want to share them all with you - but there was 400 or so photos.... and then I wanted to share the best ones.. but there are 400 of them - and .... I couldn't choose.

So I ate a piece of chocolate, and I took the dogs for a walk - AND!! I still couldn't choose....

We had 27 Veterans at our presentation. 
Too many to choose from!!

And see all the people that came?
I forgot to open my eyes while I was talking.
Turns out that was a good thing - who knows how badly I might have shook!!

This Veteran... he was a Marine
And his quilt
Made by two Marine Moms
With lots of Marine *stuff* in it

Loved the Thumbs up!!

This is my buddy...

Little Bit and I Picked out a quilt for him - it is the MQX blocks
Put together by the UNC Softball team
and we decided to quilt Motorcycle in it...
This Veteran is a Motorcycle man... we were proud of ourselves!

 This is my other buddy -
We surprised him! Yep - he had No Clue ;-)

His quilt was made by the National Honor Society peeps at Platte valley
My Middle son coordinated it

It was cool - he was speechless !!  Well for a minute - and then he was just so surprised - LOVE it!!

SO..... because I can't share them all in one blog post - I made an album and I posted it on my photography site. Because I did not take the pictures - Thea and Lynn and Kelly did - It is a private album ( my site is a business site)   so - you have to have the link to get to it - here it is:

Quilts of Valor Colorado    Let me know if that doesn't work - cuz it worked for me..... but! its my album

I'll be back next week to show Quilty Photos - but I hope you liked today


Magoo47 said...

Thank you so much for sharing that wonderful Album! There were a lot of honorees, but the quilts just kept coming :)

Judy V. in Thornton, CO said...

Oh my goodness, it was a wonderful day to see such an awesome outpouring of emotions among everyone there! And the quilts added so much to the presentation. A day I will not forget.....

Gypsy Quilter said...


Ranch Wife said...

What a day THAT must have been! I am still going through the album as my kitchen duties allow, but I am already tearing up. I can only imagine what a bawling mess I would be if I were there in person. What you are doing is truly a blessing to these servicemen and women. I know many of them, especially from our parents' generation have never been thanked for their service. Well done!

Terri said...

I went there, and I got a sense of party. Good eats and entertainment. It looks like fun. And the smiles are great, so are the quilts.
Thanks for sharing these and those pictures.

Kate said...

What great smiles! You do good work.