Saturday, August 02, 2014

No Power and Lightening

For some reason this summer, we have had more power outages than ever.. and they all seem to happen around dinner time... when I haven't defrosted anything, or had a real plan.... *sigh*

The last one, I grabbed the brats ( not brats as in kids, brats as in hot dogs)  and the marshmellows, and we all headed outside.  The boys got a fire started and we cooked out !

and we watched the lightening move in.  I tried to do that timed exposure thing, but I am not steady enough with out a tri pod - but I loved the coloring

The best part about cooking out?
No cleanup for me!!  They all took care of it!

Batman made an appearance.
This was actually a great idea - it kept the mosquitos off of him,
And Puppy joined in.... although he was mighty upset that no one would give him their food!

Dog decided she was a lap dog.
I am not sure how a 70 pound dog thinks she is a lap dog...
But she was not moving!

I think tonight should be another cook out night....


scraphappy said...

A cookout sound like a great idea, power or no power.

Quilter Kathy said...

What wonderful family memories.... everyone will recall this day with great fondness in the future!

Sherrill said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all!! LOVE the pix, esp the clouds.

Terri said...

Even when the electricity is on, a cook out is a great idea. Saves the cooking energy, and the A/C that would run more to compensate for the cooking heat.

The lap dog is a result of thunder. Our dogs were afraid of loud noises, too. The Fourth of July, crazy!

Love your pictures. You did capture some lightening!

Ranch Wife said...

Eating under the stars, by a fire, with a storm rolling through, is my favorite way to eat! Hope your electricity turns back on before the freezers thaw! :)

Kate said...

Love the lightening shots! Hopefully you've not had a power outage in the last couple of days.