Monday, August 11, 2014

Design Pile Monday

It is August... time to put away all the July To-do's and Get started again.....

So way back in January ( that was the dark ages lol) I made a lot of little scrappy Crumby blocks with blue and pink. And I promptly put them in a pile.

I got inspired this weekend to drag them out and come up with a plan. What is that plan you ask?

Well.... I am not sure - but this is what it looks like so far:

Yep... this is where I am starting... Wish me luck!

For other design inspirations head to:

Ps - your photo of the day: Rodeo:


Ramona said...

It sure looks like a pile of Fun!! Good luck with your project. Look forward to seeing where it leads you.

Kate said...

Looking forward to seeing the final project. Have fun playing with them.