Friday, August 22, 2014

Busy busy Busy... but fun

We are officially on the 3rd day of school. One of my children had to be there at 6am this morning for practice. You can bet that I gladly Volunteered to do the chores if someone else would take him ;-)

I sometimes wonder how much of the rest of my life ( besides quilting) is interesting to others? Do you?

Since I print my blogs at the end of the year, I kinda want to include some of the other stuff we do... plus I love to play with photos.

One of my goals is to get good Vintage and Black and White photos every year. Years ago when my littlest was about 9 months old, a photographer came to town. He set up in a hotel and took the greatest Vintage Photos. They were SO cute!!  So every year, I try to shoot a roll of Black and Whites.

With digital it sure makes it much easier to go back and forth!   So here are some of this summers vintage photos:

Now I realize this is not really a vintage setting with the 4 wheeler... but I liked it. This is my middle son. The mare is one we got from my brother in law. It was quite funny. She was my anniversary and Christmas present. My other SIL got a diamond . She was just sure that this was not my whole present.

I, on the other hand, was so tickled to have this mare. I love her to this day. BUT! She is huge - that child is 6'3" and he looks just right on her.

Of course - Wrangler Man. (swoon)   This is another gelding that he trained. He is another one we  have had since he was a young colt.

This is my nephew and Sister in law. They make a great team don't they? She has a palomino and I really wanted to see what I could do with that color.

And of course, my baby. A chip off of the block I tell ya... anything and everything he can get involved in... he is there. He is loving learning all about ranching from his Daddy.
Alright... back to work. I am so blessed to have a line up of quilts for this month. I am really trying to keep quilting full time.  Keeps me out of trouble ;-)  Let me know if I can help you finish your quilts!!


Kate said...

Great pictures! Black and whites are fun to take. Little Bit has definitely grown a lot this last year.

Yeah I do wonder how interesting anyone reading my blog finds the non-quilty stuff. But I enjoy hearing about the going ons of those I follow regularly. I think of reading blogs as my virtual guild meeting where I get to see all the gorgeous stuff everyone is making, plus catch up on the news.

Lara B. said...

Alycia, what fun and interesting photos! When we were going to get engaged, I asked my guy for a dog instead of a ring... so I can see a horse, yes!

diana569 said...

GM Alycia! I for one enjoy reading about you non quilty stuff just as much as the quilty stuff. I look forward to the nature shots and especiall enjoy the ranchy and rodeo shots! I love seeing the action shots. so for me you don't have to change a thing, you have just the right balance. Have a great day and enjoy your first school .

Teresa in Music City said...

Such GREAT photos Alycia!!! You will treasure those for years to come :)

Amy said...

Ah Alycia... quilting definitely has its time and place. However, the more time that passess, I would like to think that your day-to-day readers/followers enjoy watching and learning about the other parts of our lives; I certainly do.
After a cute lil' chuckle to your 'swoon' comment, I found myself caught in a little game....."Find the watermark." Clever, lil' lady!
Gorgeous animals and active family! You are certainly blessed.

Magoo47 said...

I've been following the riding and roping pictures you post .. are your guys at the State Fair this week?