Friday, August 08, 2014


This is the last Friday that my whole family will be together for a while.... Sniff Sniff.....

So we have been goofing off this week like crazy... Hiking,Movies, Dinner out, Cowboying... and putting them all to work! Seriously I think we moved 10 tons of hay, and fixed all the barns... and ... well everything that you could do to put the boys to work ;-)

This is called hay surfing ...
It is actually fun to make everyone laugh while we are working!

I got in the pickup to get the water and look back - and this is what I see. Apparently when they pulled off one of the bales and rattlesnake came out. Or maybe it was a bull snake.. they were trying to decide. And until a decision was made... I stayed in the pick up!!  ( I am smart like that!)

We went Hiking... up in the gorgeous High Country.
Followed up by a trip to Smokin' Dave's Restaurant.

We went roping.... Maybe there was a little 4 wheeling in there too. Maybe?

Last night on our way home - this is what we came home to see:

( if you follow me on Face book you have already seen it - sorry)

We are at the end of our road looking towards our house. I kind of thought that maybe it was a superhero cloud - and Captain America was going to come.... but alas..... he did not....


Andee said...

I like this, might have to make a few baby quilts with this pattern!

Kate said...

Fun photos. I really like the last shot of the clouds.

Hard to believe school starts here next week.

Terri said...

Beautiful final foto. Reminds me of Christina's World...that painting with the young woman in the grass sooo far from home.
Lots of work to do on a ranch. Good thing you have help.
I don't know what you're going to make, but it will remind you of other projects you've made.
Thanks for sharing with us.