Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

Oh boy.... Buckle in and get ready for today's show.... LOTS of inspirations here!!

We had our monthly sew day on Sunday and oh man - everyone came. ( well almost) and it was crazy and sew much fun!! I enjoyed seeing every one again.... and my car was full!!!

So.... I haven't gotten all that we finished photographed, and not all these quilts came from that day - I just wanted you to know we weren't slacking ;-)

So.... this one was a block that we worked on at a sew day. I took the blocks ( free pattern on my patterns page - rectangle block) and put it into the top... and quilted it up.

If you remember - another way that we find Veterans that have been deployed is thru the website We get these requests and then I try to get one of our awesome reps to present the QOV in person. My dear Sandy presented this one. It was so awesome. This Veteran could not get over the love that went into it, and that Sandy went to him to present it!

Here is another one. My wonderful Liz presented this quilt. She did a fantabulous job - and they were so thrilled.

Here i s another presentation. The whole family got involved in this photo. I think they were going to adopt Liz!!

And another one. Liz definitely stayed out of trouble traveling to do these for QOV. What a gem!

This is one I made. I blogged about it   and was surprised that I still had strips left in my bin.... okay - I might have been saddened. I really wanted to empty something!

These Next 5 quilts are already at their forever homes. We had a request for a specific group of 30 veterans. My dear QOV peeps had us covered. Kathy and Sue were the Quilters for all of these tops. They also do embroidery at

This top was made by the Red Hat Crafty Quilters.  ( I think it is the pattern that was on kevinthequilters blog!!)

This is another one they made. LOVE the prints added in!!

This one was pieced by Margaret - Quilted by Kathy and Sue

Pieced by Wilma quilted by Kathy and Sue

And the last one - pieced by Candi and quilted by Kathy and Sue.... I sure appreciate all the work that went into these. And when I made a call for a quick 30 quilts - they jumped right in!!! LOVE it!!

The last two quilts are from Bonnie in Virginia - Bonnie has an awesome blog:

Plus she is a QM scrap squad quilter ;-)  TOO cool!!

This one that Bonnie made is an atkinson designs pattern. It is all cowboys and western fabrics... so you know there was a lot of ohhing and ahhing here!!!

Happy Quilting!! Hope you love today's quilts!!

See you again real soon!


Judy V. from Thornton, CO said...

Oh my, all the QOVs are beautiful and inspiring. So good to see happy smiles in the photos too. Bonnie's quilt with the tilted 9-patches is amazing. The more I looked at it, the more I began to notice another design...tilted pinwheels! Is this pattern available? Love it!

Snowcatcher said...

How marvelous that so many vets were honored this way. What beautiful quilts. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!

Lara B. said...

Alycia this is so incredibly awesome! You all are creating wonderful QOV quilts for our veterans! I wish there was a way to put a standing ovation in a comment, but you have one from me!

Bonnie said...

Thanks bunches for showing my quilts. I've gotten a few comments for folks on some posts. Lots of fun quilts showing this time.

Kate said...

The beautiful quilts keep coming. You do such important work moving these quilts to such great people.

Judy in Missouri said...

Lots of ideas here. Thanks for sharing. Our guild does QOV's also.

Unknown said...

Beautiful work ladies! Stopped at a garage sale today, and found a lovely lady and husband who sew for QOV in Wyoming. What a small world that I'm so proud to be associated with!

Sheila said...

They are all beautiful! Such a wonderful undertaking. Thank you for sharing pictures. Truly an inspirational post.