Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

Happy Wednesday to you all!!  Hope your week has been good. I would love to hear what you have been up to...then I can go stalk your blogs too and see all the quilty goodness in the land!!

I have a great bunch of quilts of for you today - Hope you enjoy them!!

This first one is from Marilyn W in Loveland. Marilyn is such a lovely lady - and her quilts - Oh MY!!  are fabulous!!

The Next two are from Nancy H in Fort Collins - another Lovely Lady. I have sure enjoyed getting to know these two ladies. It is interesting to me where quilting takes you. I might never have met these two ladies as they are in other towns - but I met them through Quilts of Valor - and now I see them often! I LOVE it!!

This is another of Nancy's> I think this is just a fabulous quilt!!

Surprise!! One of our Combat Veterans with his quilt.

This Quilt was made by Barbara n Ft Collins. Her guild challenge was to make a quilt for either Quilts of Valor or something else - that totally slipped my mind!! She chose QOV

This one was made by Sue and Judy - 
They are also a part of Rocky Mtn Creative Quilters - a guild in Ft Collins.

(oops I went out of order) Here is a THIRD quilt that Nancy made!!

Ms Lori in South Dakota is my long lost sister... okay ... my quilting Sister! I have loved getting to know her through blogging and email, and I stalk her blog... yep... I admit it...  Thats' her!

So the next SEVEN quilts are from her. and well - she sent them a bit ago, someone just forgot to move the photos into the QOV folder - cuz I am organized like that... and well.. they are already living with their Veterans ;-)

This one in the Not So Top Secret project #2

This one is a Scrappy Trip -
It can be found at under her free patterns list
I dare you to go search for it!!
You might find 20 other patterns you want to make too!!

I think this is a bpnnie pattern too....

These last two from Lori are Atkinson Designs. I love how both of them turned out!! She did fabulous!

So... this picture below. I'll tell you what - this man is blessed with an awesome family. His kids are right in there helping him with all of his recovery work. His wife was fabulous and wow.. with a support system like this. I just had to take the whole family. ( well the wife was shy- but I understand)

The last quilt for today - the blocks were pieced and sent in , in abox of orphan blocks. So if you sent them to us - thank you!  Harriett worked them up and put them into this fabulous top. I quilted it. I put an American symbol in each red block - it was so fun.

You can see more of the quilt here:
Hope you enjoyed today's show!! Have a great one!!


Impera Magna said...

What a great way to start the morning... lots of gorgeous quilts and some of our heroes rec'ing their QOV!

Thanks for sharing!


Terri said...

You have a great support team, too. Love all the quilts. Some are on my bucket list... I just need to move into the sewing room and get at things.
Thanks for another great show.

Pat said...

Whoo! Hoo! I see one of the quilts I donated found it's Forever Home! Sweet! Great to see the Vets and their families enjoying the quilts! :)

Unknown said...

What a beautiful representation of live and commitment... On the part of our veterans, families and quilters.

Judy said...

I enjoyed your QOV show. Our guild did them this year and presented them to local veterans also. It's a great project.
Judy in MO

Nikki said...

Great show! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love all the scrappy quilts. Lots of inspiration there. Keep up the great work you do Alycia. Marilyn

Kate said...

Lots of gorgeous quilts for such a good cause. I always enjoy your Wednesday shows.