Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Break

*WARNING* Not a lot of Quilty-ness in this post  *WARNING*

All three boys' Spring Breaks fell in the same week.... and we could actually see ourselves taking a vacation. 

This is a rarity - with all the sports and things going on... vacations have been a challenge.

Our first day found us at a make up meet in a blizzard.... these poor kids! They had snow everywhere. And when Coach had told them to pack as it may be cold.... I am not sure they were thinking snow!

 My boy is the one in the white tank...He was trying to outrun the snow... Check out the guy in the black below - you can't even see his face. The snow was REALLY coming down ;-)

Once the meet was over we headed west to our destination. We arrived through lots of snow, ice, rain, and cold. But once on the other side looking east - we could see the leftovers of the storm. It was just beautiful where we were!

Isn't this a cool little cabin? It was right where we stayed. The most beautiful place. There were pheasant and mountains and lots of grass - GREEN grass!! It was awesome!

This is looking east from the house. There were beautiful horses and mountains and clean crisp air!

Looking West - watching the sun go down.... *WITH NO SNOW*   it was heaven!

This was my view from the kitchen. And it was the ONE time I was in it working. The rest of the vacation... I just had to say --- I'm Hungry and voila - Wrangler Man made the food... BEST! VACATION! EVER!

Of course - this was only the first day. And please remember - for every mile my family makes me go - I take 400 batrillion Pictures.... so many they bought me a 64G Digital card!!!


TLC said...

Your pictures are phenomenal!

Kevin the Quilter said...

I would gladly look at 400 batrillion photos of this scenery! BEAUTIFUL! So glad you all were able to have a little get away!

Anonymous said...

So glad you were able to get away- I had 3 kids and the meets were so much a part of our lives during jr. and sr. high. such a fun time, a real blessing! thanks for all you do for our service members- love your heart for them. My son is a Green Beret in the Tx Army Ntl Guard. some day I will join you in labor for these special people. I live in Colorado Springs and love the mountains,snow, and fast changing spring weather! Bless You!!!
Janet W.

Kate said...

Looks like a great vacation place. Love the pictures.

The only bad thing about a 64G card is cleaning it off!