Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

Oh my Goodness!!! If you do not add to your Bucket list after seeing all these quilts.... let me know... I will be surprised!!

First - housekeeping ( okay Not the dusting and vacuuming stuff!)  A few have asked what the requirements for a Quilt of Valor are... and I so happen to have a page with all that info ... so ... here you go:

And now... on the the quilts.... if only housekeeping in real life was that easy....

 These first four quilts ( the one above, and the three below) are all pieced by Sue. Sue was gifted some blocks from a friend that wanted them all put into QOV's, and then Sue adds her own. She is such a talented piecer and Quilter!!! They were then bound by her sister Mary - team work!!

The next two were pieced and Quilted by Liz Taylor Davis - that gal is a wonderwoman!!

That light blue fabric just brings out both quilts - I Love it...and be sure to check out her quilting!

This quilt ( below) was made from the Moda Just One Star blocks. Kathy and Connie Pieced it.
And then a FABULOUS Teenager - Kelly - quilted it.  She did an awesome job!

And look!!! Some of our Block Drive Tops are getting finished!! This one was Quilted by Merrie Jones in Colorado - another wonderful Long arm Quilter.

And this one was Quilted by Kathy Fellbaum in Colorado - I think she had fun. AND!! She wasn't dizzy when she was done - bonus.  Thanks Kathy!!

Crystal Stewart quilted this one - she did a great job. This quilt was pieced by Susan S in NY - Thanks Crystal!!

And Ms Pat M. made and quilted this one. She probably doesn't know how much I love plaids... I just love this quilt!!!

I know that if you click on the pictures you can see them a little more close up. Thanks all you quilters who constantly help out - you guys are just awesome!!  I hope you can see some of your blocks in the block drive quilts!

LOVE the smiles as they are wrapped in their Quilts of Valor!!


Kevin the Quilter said...

Great eye candy as usual! It's so great seeing the blocks from the drive made into awesome quilts! And, I LOVE seeing the veterans receiving their quilts! Great work as usual Angelic Alycia!

Andee said...

Beutiful quilts and beatiful quilting!!!

Vicki W said...

Awesome quilts!

Unknown said...

Beautiful quilts, every one of them! So proud to see a teenager doing such beautiful quilting, too. Keep quilting folks! There are still lots of deserving warriors waiting to be recognized!

phxquilt said...

Another great show! I'm proud to be part of an organization that actively promotes smiles like the one shown.

Thanks for all you do Alycia.

Anonymous said...

I love your quilt shows. Every quilt is different and they are stunning. Keep up the great work quilters and Alycia. Marilyn

Tami C said...

Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

Such beautiful and fun quilts! My bucket list is pretty much overflowing!

Dar said...

Your quilts are awesome. Love seeing them finished and it's great seeing the quilts from the block drive too.