Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break Day 3

Day 3 found us heading to Arches National Park. I have SO many pictures from this park!!! This may be a 7 part post....  or not.. you might not like 7 whole posts!

That set of three rocks on the left - It is called the "Three Gossips"  - note it did not reference gender!

We could not believe the height of these rocks! They were crazy tall, and so big. The way they are eroding is so crazy. You can't quite figure out how the water does that.
 These were the rocks in the distance... and yes... we went there. No distance is too far for my boys.... apparently. And remember my rule ? 10 photos per mile Minimum?   I exceeded my minimum!

This land is just so cool. We were just amazed at the ecosystems here.

Looking towards to arches.

I don't know if you can make this picture bigger - but all those little colors.... they are people!

We have never been to this park. We drove by once,but totally missed all the beauty. You just can't see it from the highway. If you are ever in Moab.... Go here!!!

Little Bit got camera shy... I think he needed chocolate too ;-)  (that is him hiding at the left of the pic above)

 Aren't these canyons just crazy?  They go on and on and on ... kind of like a certain blogger you know!

And of course.... A Tree!!!  I think it might have been a weed,but it looked like a tree to me!

Hope you all are enjoying your day!!!


Sherrill said...

Your little babies need shades to protect those baby blues (or browns, whatever they are!). SO BRIGHT out there!

Unknown said...

We love Arches and Canyonlands! We actually got stuck in rain after the ranger station closed in Canyonlands - way out in the boonies and the road washed away! We were outside of cell service and it was scary! We made it out with the Lord's help! Now that we live in CO (versus KS like on that trip), we have the Subaru Outback, so hopefully we won't get ourselves in that situation (we had a VW Jetta).

I take a zillion photos on trips and the family gets so mad at me! ;-) Digital photography does not help the problem! At least with film I controlled myself...a bit.

Tami C said...

Did you remember to bring the snacks this time? I hope so as that is a lot of walking involved out there. Thanks again for a lovely trip!

Melinda said...

What wonderful days you are having together. Nothing like it.