Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

Good Wednesday Morning!  The wind has finally slowed down... and I am sure that just jinxed it - but goodness .. yesterday I almost lost a door, chased a dog kennel, and felt like I was blowing away.

I am ready for a mid week pick me up!  Ready for a great Quilt of Valor show today?

This first quilt ( above) was made by Melinda in CT
Melinda is a Blue star mom - and we LOVE her quilts!!

Snuggling in the LOVE!!

Here is a close up of the quilting - it was quilted by Liz Taylor Davis - she Totally Rocks!!

This one - all the blocks were made at our sew days, and then put into a top at another sew day... so it has at least 20 makers...  And it was Quilted by Liz

This one was pieced by Charlotte W in Greeley and Quilted by Liz.

This one was made by Donna H.L. in Colorado - and it was quilted by Liz. I really love the complex simplicity of this one ( how is that for descriptive?)  It is just a neat effect!!

This Quilt was pieced by Kathy in Colorado - Kathy made all of these anniversary blocks for the national block drive - but then pieced a whole quilt!! I Love it!!

This quilt was started by Nancy in Denver - she did all the top, and then Mary took it and added it all the borders. Total teamwork right?  And again  - Quilted by Liz!!  That woman in efficient!!

Another Anniversary Block Quilt by Kathy - and quilted by Liz.

Doesn't that smile just make your day?  It sure does mine!!
And Don't forget MQX is hosting a Block drive for Quilts of Valor - if you are attending MQX you have until April 11th to turn them in, if you are mailing them in they need to be there by April 1st...  here is the link:

MQX East Quilt of Valor Block Drive



Kat Scribner said...

Great show Alycia! Much inspiration to keep us working.

Miss Carol said...

Is there a pattern for the Anniversary Block? I really like that one!

quilter_cheryl said...

Everyone of these quilts are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them!

Merrily said...


Karen said...

The anniversary block pattern is still on the site

Barb in Mi said...

So many fabulous quilts! Thanks for sharing!

Joanne K. said...

All quilts quite amazing and the soldier pictures especially inspirational. Love this show.

Lorna McMahon said...

A wonderful show filled with gorgeous quilts. And the quilting is amazing! For such a worthy cause. You ladies are such an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful show as always. Keep them coming because they are so morivating. Marilyn

Barb in Mi said...

Hello - again,
today I received your Cheery O's pattern in the mail that I had won. Thanks so much - had a charity sew-day today and hope to make a Cheery O top next time!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Beautiful quilts on display for QOV as usual Alycia!