Monday, March 03, 2014

Scrapapalooza quilt

Last week I showed you my start of the Scrap a palooza quilt from Quilting is more Fun than housework... and I think that Cynthia is right... I skipped the housework lol

and.... here it is:

AND!!!I made the binding for it - It will be teal - however - I haven't chosen a backing yet!  It measures 41 x 50 ish.... It was SO fun, and I am so tickled to have used up these scraps. There are some really crazy ones in there!

And just a fun pick - My Crazy Wrangler Man - showing the boys the quickest way to get to the bottom ... I walked.. no rolling for me!

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Kathie said...

Very cute quilt. always nice to skip the housework but someone it never gets done by itself.

Sylvia said...

Fun quilt! Great way to use up some scraps!

Hope he isn't in an avalanche zone, here in Utah and the mountain west we have had too many bad things happen because the snow is unstable.

Kevin the Quilter said...

What a comfy lil' quilt! Fun! Poor Wrangler Man......did you push him???

Tami C said...

I think it's really cool that you skipped the housework. I like your scrap quilt. I've got one of Cythia's quilts on my To Do List! I skip housework all the time!

Kate said...

Skipping housework in favor of quilting works for me! Fun quilt! Fun pic too!