Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Just do it Update

I keep thinking that I am making progress - and then I go back and look at my other pictures - and I wonder....

Is it progress - or is it brilliant re-arranging???  

Either way - at least stuff is moving, quilts are getting done, and I am really enjoying my projects!

Here is December ^
I am really glad I dated it!!
Or maybe not - I could have lied if it wasn't!! ;-)

This is January 13th ^  
I didn't label it well - but there was an empty cubbie
I remember the excitement

And this was last night
March 3rd....
Does it look fuller to you?

I know I rearranged again - I was looking for the pink florally print that I knew was in there.

I just couldn't remember where!!

I do still have one EMPTY spot - so maybe there is progress?

I am going to say that I am glad to keep going through the fabrics.
It is giving me some inspiration, ideas, and happiness...
and that's what its all about right?


Vicki W said...

All that matters is that you can usually find what you are looking for!

Terri said...

It's a work in progress...a living breathing storage spot. There will be changes. They say change is good.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Whatever it is.......I am sure "Brilliant" belongs in there somewhere........as long as YOU know where everything is! LOL

Kate said...

I'be beginning to thing that sewing storage re-organization is a never ending task. If nothing else becuse it refreshes you memory on what you actually have!